Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn sova för nu är det natt

Good night with Astrid Lindgren

Regardless of whether you prefer to sleep with your feet on the pillow like Pippi Longstocking, in a hayloft like the children of Noisy Village, or on a mat of thyme like Rasmus the Vagabond, we hope that this page can contribute to better sleep. Because no matter how tired little adventurers are, it can still be difficult to fall asleep...

Polarn&Pyret Lotta

Bedtime stories

Pyjamas Pippi Långstrump

Time for bed!

Extra enjoyable, of course, one sleeps together with Lotta's Teddy, dressed in a Pippi pajamas.

“I want to write for a readership that can create miracles. Children create miracles when they read.”

From “That’s why children need books”, the speech Astrid Lindgren held at the reception of the H C Andersen Award in April 1958.
Emil pyjamas

Comfortable sleepwear