Image from Pippi Longstocking animated music video

Animated Pippi Longstocking music video

As part of the Pippi Longstocking anniversary, Universal Music together with The Astrid Lindgren Company released new language versions of the iconic Pippi theme, Here Comes Pippi Longstocking.

The new versions are translated from the original song text by Astrid Lindgren with the original music by Jan Johansson, and supported by a new animated music video. The video is based on the original illustrations from the best-selling picture book Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?

The video is released in Swedish, German, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Japanese – with more languages to follow soon!

In Swedish: Här kommer Pippi Långstrump

In German: Pippi Langstrumpf – Hier kommt Pippi Langstrumpf

In Danish: Pippi Langstrømpe - Officiel musikvideo

In Norwegian: Her kommer Pippi Langstrømpe

In Finnish: Peppi Pitkätossu - Virallinen musiikkivideo

In Japanese: 長くつ下のピッピのテーマ

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