Pippi Longstocking games and activities

Colour and draw Pippi Longstocking and her friends

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Learn how to dance the schottische

Who doesn’t enjoy kicking up their feet with a bit of schottische?

Mix and make your own pancakes, like Pippi Longstocking

"Mixy-mixy, pancake-ixy
Bakey-bakey, pancake-makey 
Take your seaty, pancake-eaty"

Bake your own ginger biscuits

On the floor, just like Pippi Longstocking

Floor-scrubbing game

What can you find that becomes slippery under kids’ feet and makes it possible to slide around singing?

Dress up as Pippi Longstocking!

Pippi inte nudda golv

Don’t touch the floor

Set up an obstacle course, using whatever you can find such as rugs and chairs, and leap about in the room without touching the floor.

Then it was time for games. Pippi suggested they play one called Don’t Touch the Floor. It was very simple. All they had to do was make their way round the kitchen without putting a single foot on the floor. Pippi scuttled round in a flash, but Tommy and Annika did quite well too. They started on the draining board and if they stretched out their legs as far as they could they could get to the stove, then from the stove to the log box, the log box to the hat rack, down on to the table and from there over two stools to the corner cupboard. Between the corner cupboard and the draining board there was a distance of several metres, but luckily that’s where the horse was standing and if they climbed onto his back at the tail end and slid along to his head end, and just at the right moment made a jump for it, they would land on the draining board.

From the book Pippi Longstocking


Read an extract about thing-finders from the book Pippi Longstocking here

New word game

There are so many words that we haven’t made up yet. Make up your own word and let everyone guess what it means. Suddenly you may have invented a new word.

Make your own clothes

Shipwreck game

Shipwrecks are exciting: pirates, letter-in-a-bottle, desert islands, treasures and gold coins. What are you waiting for?

Make a tea party

Enjoy some lemonade and cookies

Dress up as a ghost

The ghosts in the attic can be exciting. Rather kind, but still a bit scary…

Dress up as a pirate

Make your own kite

Make it any way you like, choosing your own colours, and take it out to the field one day when there is a “kite-wind” blowing.

Pippi huvud titt ut illustration

Play on a comb

‘Oh, we haven’t got any music,’ said Pippi, looking disappointed. Then she had an idea. ‘You can play on a comb and paper,’ she said to Bloom. ‘While I dance with him.’ She pointed at Thunder-Karlsson. Oh yes, Bloom knew how to play on a comb all right. And it echoed through the whole house when he did. Mr Nilsson sat up in his bed, woken-up and sleepy, just in time to see Pippi whirl round and round with Thunder-Karlsson. She was deadly serious and she danced very fast, as if her life depended on it.

From the book Pippi Longstocking

Make a quiz

Just like Pippi you can make up a quiz with fun questions about freckles, teachers and other important things.

Fibbing game

You shouldn’t tell fibs normally, but sometimes it can be a fun thing to try lying so much that your tongue turns blue.

The backwards game

Fun with the police

‘Aha,’ said Pippi. ‘This must be my lucky day. I like policemen more than anything. After rhubarb crumble.’ With police constables you can have lots of fun, playing tag for example.

Make a map of all the places you have travelled or wish to see


“Delightful! Delightful!’ ‘What’s delightful?’ asked Tommy. ‘Me,’ said Pippi smugly”

From Pippi Longstocking Goes Aboard