Pippi, Karlsson, Lotta, Madicken och Emil

The characters

“It’s just like fishing for pike – you’ve got to haul ‘em up”, Astrid Lindgren said. She was referring to how she has used events, people – and not least her intense love for nature – from her childhood when she wrote her books. “That’s probably what most authors do when they write; then they add and create as they please.”

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The story behind

How Astrid Lindgren's characters came into being

The story behind several of the characters - Pippi, Emil, Ronja... What were Astrid Lindgren's sources of inspiration?

Astrid och Karin 1940-tal liten bild


“Since the name was remarkable, it had to be a remarkable girl”, Astrid said.
Emil i Lönneberga, barnskådespelaren Jan Ohlsson


“Do you know what Emil i Lönneberga once did?”, Astrid suddenly asked her three year-old grandchild.
Anne-Marie Fries 1921

Madicken (Mardie)

One day, when Astrid was seven years old, she met a girl of almost the same age on Prästgårdsallén, the road that went from Näs into Vimmerby.
Astrid Tage Birk Ronja Film

Ronja, the Robber's Daughter

”I write fairy tales, and humanity needs fairy tales. That’s how it’s always been and that’s all there is to it.”
Göran Strandberg bröderna lejonhjärta film skorpan jonathan astrid sitter på mur

The Brothers Lionheart

Astrid got the idea that perhaps she should write a story about a place that wasn't on Earth. Then, other pieces of the puzzle fell into place.
Barnen i bullerbyn med astrid på trappa läser

The Children of Noisy Village

"Bullerbyn once existed, but it's been a long time. It wasn't exactly like it is in the books - it never is - but the children existed, the games existed..."