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Congrats Pippi

Lifting horses and breaking rules since 1945

Congratulations Pippi!

‘Time for a celebration!’ shouted Pippi, when she was back on her feet again. ‘We’ll celebrate until Villa Villekulla’s roof flies off!’

In 2020, it was 75 years since the first book about Pippi Longstocking was published. The books have since been published all over the world, in 78 languages.

Pippi och Herr Nilsson

Do you want to throw a Pippi party?

Celebrating Pippi? Here are some suggestions!

  • Crafts, games and quiz: available here on our website
  • The publisher Oxford University Press offer Pippi party packs
  • Ask the children to come dressed up as Pippi or her friends!
  • Face-painting with freckles
  • Cut-out cardboard figure, with a hole for the head: image available here
  • Images for decoration available here
  • Reading aloud from the books
  • Serve cream gateau or pancakes, just like Pippi!
Pippi och pappa Efraim

Set up a play

To perform or entertain as Pippi Longstocking at a public event requires permission. Such permissions are only granted to plays with a pre-approved script. Please contact our theatre publishing house to find out more about theatrical rights.

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Pippi at the Circus

Pop House Productions and the Astrid Lindgren Company are celebrating Pippi Longstocking with a fun, musical circus show in collaboration with Cirkus Cirkör. Björn Ulvaeus is the executive producer and responsible for the show’s lyrics to previously released instrumental music by Benny Andersson among others. The music will be performed live by a ‘flying’ circus orchestra. Premiere 1 July 2022!

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Pippi of Today

Pippi of Today

Pippi of Today is an initiative from The Astrid Lindgren Company in partnership with Save the Children supporting girls that are on the move. Pippi Longstocking was created by Astrid Lindgren, 75 years ago. The Second World War was ending, and millions of girls were on the move. Today many more girls are forced to leave their homes. They need to gather all their strength, courage and hope to tackle challenges and find their way to a brighter future. Support girls on the move - the Pippis of today!

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Oh yes, time flies and before you know it you’re old, said Pippi. Come autumn I’ll be ten, and I suppose I’ll be past my prime then.

Pippi, in Pippi Longstocking Goes Aboard

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