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Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Lotta and her family live in a yellow house on Potmaker Street. But their Dad says that even if pot-makers lived there in the past only troublemakers live there now.

Lotta grows up in a small idyllic middle-class town during the 1950s. The three siblings have fun almost all the time, despite their youngest sister Lotta being as stubborn as an old mule according to Dad. Lotta has so very many ideas and she’s pretty sure that she knows how to do most things in the world. Like any 4-5 year old she’s headstrong, often cross, fearless, sure of herself and cheeky. But most of all she’s a happy kid. Kind, generous and resourceful – and more often than not it’s her who solves all her family’s troubles. 


“It’s funny, how many things I can do.”

Lotta, in Lotta's Christmas Surprise

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