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Ronja, the Robber's Daughter - the tv-series

The classic Astrid Lindgren adventure about the strong and independent girl Ronja took the whole world by storm when the book was published over 40 years ago. In total, an incredible eleven million copies of the book have been sold globally. Now, as Netflix presents a TV series based on the book, viewers are given a deeper insight into Ronja's world.

The story remains the same but is embellished and adapted for today's audience with grand special effects, beautiful scenery, and more developed characters and settings.

Director Lisa James Larsson:

"So many of us have grown up with Ronja the Robber’s Daughter and we’re incredibly proud and grateful for the enormous commitment and effort everyone has put into this project. We auditioned more than 4000 actors to find the right Ronja, and have traveled to the most incredible places Sweden has to offer, from castles in Bohuslän via the deep forests of Dalarna to magnificent waterfalls in Jämtland to find the perfect locations for filming. Our series reflects the strong commitment and creative passion of our film crew and cast of over 200 people, and we’re so excited for it to launch soon on Netflix."

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Ronja, the Robber's Daughter is on Netflix

One of the biggest endeavours ever in Nordic cinema is now available on Netflix. The first six episodes of Ronja the Robber's Daughter premiered on the 28th of March 2024, the series is divided into two parts with a total of twelve 45-minute episodes. Hans Rosenfeldt ('The Bridge', 'Marcella') is behind the script based on Astrid Lindgren's novel and the series is directed by Lisa James Larsson ('Victoria', 'A Royal Affair'). "Ronja the Robber's Daughter" is produced by Bonnie Skoog Feeney and Mattias Arehn ('Björnstad') for Filmlance International, and in the lead role as Ronja, we see Kerstin Linden.

The series will be available on Netflix in the Nordic countries, CEE, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. In Germany, it will be distributed by ARD, the German premiere date is yet to be confirmed.

The remaining six episodes (part 2) will be available later on in 2024, according to Netflix.

Mattis and his robbers


Ronja - Kerstin Linden
Birk - Jack Bergenholtz Henriksson
Mattis - Christopher Wagelin
Lovis - Krista Kosonen
Borka - Sverrir Gudnason
Undis - Maria Nohra
Skully-Per - Johan Ulveson
Valdir - Pernilla August
Cappa - Vera Vitali
Sturkas - Per Lasson
Joen - Mattias Silvell
Jutis - David Wiberg
Tjegge - Lancelot Ncube
Fjosok - Omid Khansari
Tjorm - Björn Elgerd
Lill-Klippen - Nils Kärnekull
Pelje - Linus Eklund Adolphson
Turre - Isa Aouifia
Knotas - John Alexander Eriksson
Labbas - Kim Kold

Ronja in the forest

About Netflix' Ronja, the Robber's Daughter

Ronja the Robber’s Daughter follows the adventures of a spirited and rebellious girl born into a gang of robbers in a medieval Scandinavian castle. As Ronja grows up, she discovers the magical, but dangerous forest with its strange and mysterious creatures. Yet she feels more at home in the forest than behind the walls of the huge castle. When Ronja meets the young boy Birk from a rival gang, it marks the beginning of a dark family feud and a forbidden friendship emerges, all while a notorious bailiff arrives to rid the forest of robbers once and for all. 

Ronja vid vattenfall

Did you know?

The filming took place from 2022 to 2023 at a large number of locations over 178 days, spanning all seasons. Because nature plays such a significant role in the story, an enormous amount of time was dedicated to scouting filming locations. Just to find the right forest lake, the team looked at 70 different lakes.


Did you know?

The exterior of Mattis Fortress was difficult to find. After searching throughout Europe, it was decided to create a castle by piecing together existing locations. Therefore, the scenes in the Stone Hall and Hell's Mouth were filmed in a studio in Södertälje, the courtyard is from Bohus Fortress in Kungälv, the basement is located in Varberg Fortress, and the outer courtyard is in Sandsjöbacka in Halland.

Ronja and Wily Wing

Did you know?

The wile-wings are created by CGI artists, but during filming, they were portrayed by dancers so that the actors would have counterparts to interact with.

Ronja Rövardotter

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The story behind the Ronja novel

Astrid Lindgren was longing for the forest - that's how she got the idea to write Ronja, the Robber's Daughter. It was the last major story she wrote, aged 73.

The story behind Ronja
Lovis sjunger Vargsången för Ronja

The Wolf Song

Vargsången, 'The Wolf Song', was written for the Ronja, the Robber's Daughter film from 1984. Lovis sings it to Ronja. It has become a classic in the Nordic countries.

Listen to The Wolf Song on Youtube

“Life is something you must treasure, don’t you know that?”

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