Pippi Longstocking

Fun with Pippi

Pippi is not only strong and kind, she is also independent, generous, playful, funny and adventurous. Here are some suggestions on how to have fun with Pippi. Have a lovely playtime!


Paint with Pippi

These images are free to print out and colour in. We hope you make some great pictures!



Painting videos

Watch when Pippi and her friends get painted on Pippi's YouTube channel.

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Pippi illustration vit bakgrund


3 blommor från pippi långstrump

Take a quiz!

How much do you know about Pippi Longstocking?

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“Oh my dear little squiggle. Don’t let me grow any biggle.”

Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas

Puzzles and games

Pysslet kommer från boken Pippi Långstrump - Lek och Pyssla
tommy annika pippi lekar


Pippi's favourite games

Snirkle hunt, floor-scrubbing game or thing-finder – which one is your favourite?

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Gul blomma ikon

Actors became mega-stars

Inger Nilsson (Pippi), Pär Sundberg (Tommy) and Maria Persson (Annika) became mega-stars when the TV series about Pippi Longstocking started airing in February 1969. Fans called or wrote letters every day and when they were due to sign records at the big department store, NK, in central Stockholm, chaos broke out and the whole street of ‘Hamngatan’ had to be closed off.

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Apps with Pippi Longstocking

There are three apps based on Pippi Longstocking available in English. You can purchase them from Apple’s app-store or Google Play for Android.

Memory med pippi app

Pippi’s memo

Pippi Longstocking’s Memo contains six different memory games of varying difficulty. For iPhone and iPad.Download the app Pippi’s Memo
Pussel med pippi app

Pippi’s puzzle

Pippi Longstocking’s Puzzle contains six fun jigsaw puzzles from the books and the films about the strongest girl in the world, Pippi Longstocking. The puzzles can be adjusted to suit children of all ages.For iPhone and iPadDownload the app Pippi’s Puzzle
Villa villekulla pippi app

Pippi Longstocking’s villa villekulla

Pippi Longstocking’s Villa Villekulla contains 20 fun mini games inside what is possibly the world’s most exciting house for children!Download the app Villa Villekulla
Pippi Långstrump

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“Why I walked backwards?’ Pippi said. ‘We live in a free country, don’t we? Aren’t you allowed to walk any way you want? Let me tell you that in Egypt every single person walks like that and no-one thinks it’s strange in the slightest.”

Pippi Longstocking