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Film poster På rymmen med Pippi

Pippi on the Run

Olle Hellbom

In the last film about Pippi that Olle Hellbom directed, Pippi on the Run, the child actors Inger Nilsson, Pär Sundberg and Maria Persson had all become older and taller. The film begins with Tommy and Annika tired of their parents nagging and wanting something exciting to happen during their summer break. They decide to run away from home and ask Pippi to join them. After Pippi has promised Tommy and Annika’s mum that she’ll take care of them, they leave. The adventure involves walking on ceilings and tightropes, a spell in prison, bull fighting, going down a waterfall in a barrel and driving a car fuelled by "Conrad’s Glorious Glue".

The film was shot in different locations around Sweden, including once more in Visby - the children dressed in sacks singing for money are standing on Hästgatan. Villa Villekulla had at this point been sold, and moved south of Visby.