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The Children of Noisy Village

Through the eyes of nine-year-old farmer’s daughter Lisa the reader observes life in a small countryside village during the beginning of the previous century – a life in harmony with nature and its seasons. There are three farmhouses in Noisy Village, ‘North Farm’, ‘Middle Farm’, and ‘South Farm’. Six children live there, Lisa, Lasse, Bosse, Britta, Anna and Olle. They have fun almost all the time. “I feel sorry for all children who don’t live in Noisy Village”, says Anna.

The six boys and girls are inseparable – they do practically everything together. Every morning they walk to school and they help out with all kinds of chores on the farms. Whatever the chore is they turn it into a game and an adventure. To the urban children of our time their lives must seem like a dream: imagine taking care of your very own lamb, sleeping up on the hayloft, or catching crayfish in the little lake!


When some people think you are big and some think you are little then perhaps you are just exactly the right age.

Lisa, The Children of Noisy Village

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Did you know?

The real Noisy Village

The "real" Noisy Village is called Sevedstorp. Astrid Lindgren's father Samuel August Ericsson grew up here, at 'Middle Farm'.