Pippi Långstrump

Fun with Pippi

Pippi is not only strong and kind, she is also independent, generous, playful, funny and adventurous. Here are some suggestions on how to have fun with Pippi. Have a lovely playtime!


Paint with Pippi

These images are free to print out and colour in. We hope you make some great pictures!


‘Oh yes, time flies and before you know it you’re old, said Pippi. Come autumn I’ll be ten, and I suppose I’ll be past my prime then.’

Pippi, in Pippi Longstocking Goes Aboard

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‘I’m frecklier and prettier than ever before. I’ll be frankly irresistible, if this continues.’

Pippi, from Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas

Apps with Pippi Longstocking

There are three apps based on Pippi Longstocking available in English. You can purchase them from Apple’s app-store or Google Play for Android.