Omslag Man tar vanliga ord

One should use common words


Lena Törnqvist
Astrid Lindgren Text

“Every time I reread Astrid Lindgren’s books I discover something new; a turn of phrase, a thought, a symbol, a quote that I had previously overlooked. Every rereading expands the text and reveals something new about the author and her works, and about the relationship between the two. Hopefully, this book will encourage others to make similar discoveries. Make the reader meet the texts with fresh eyes and see things that they might have missed.”

Lena Törnqvist

“One should use common words to say uncommon things.” The titular quote is by Schopenhauer, and Astrid Lindgren sometimes used it to describe her literary output. Everyone might not agree that the words she used were common – there are in fact some that one would struggle to find in a dictionary. But she certainly said uncommon things, things that have influenced – and still influence – people of all ages across the world.

You are never quite finished with Astrid Lindgren, her texts open up new perspectives, and give new insights with every reading. Lena Törnqvist has spent the last thirty years reading and reading about the works of Astrid Lindgren and, in this book, she shows what she has found, complete with quotes from Lindgren’s personal letters and archives. The book touches on language, politics, gender roles, tyrants, champagne socialists, motherly amazons, the love of Stockholm, and much, much more.

“Lena’s book about Astrid manages to be both informative and highly entertaining, and I think everyone reading it will find new ways of approaching a diversified authorship.”

Karin Nyman, Astrid Lindgren's daughter

Not available in English.