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Omslag Astrid och jag av Kerstin Kvint

Astrid and I


Kerstin Kvint
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Kerstin Kvint was only sixteen when, in 1952, she walked through the doors of Rabén & Sjögren on Tegnergatan 28 in Stockholm. She began as an ‘office girl’ but soon advanced to become the executive secretary and was later responsible for foreign rights, for example, selling Astrid Lindgren’s books with great success. Later, when in her old age Astrid no longer had the energy to answer all her correspondence herself, Kerstin stepped in as her personal secretary. Using numerous memories, private photos as well as quotes by Astrid she here describes travels, encounters with authors and publishing friends, and much more.

In Swedish only. Please contact Lina Talgre, for foreign rights enquiries.