Pippi außer Rand und Band

    Pippi außer Rand und Band

    Type:Picture Book
    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Fabian Göranson

    Pippi runs away: The great film adventure illustrated for the first time. Pippi Longstocking is the strongest, richest and bravest girl in the world. And the very nicest girl, Tommy and Annika think. And because friends always stick together, the three of them run away together one day. Only one few days and not very far. But they're having more fun than they've had in a long time. This book is an adaptation of the eponymous title with stills from the movie.Translator: Stefan Pluschkat

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    “If you are very strong, you must also be very kind.”

    The narrator in "Do you know Pippi Longstocking?"
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    Astrid Lindgren in Norway

    The first to bring Astrid Lindgren's books abroad was the publisher Damm & Søn in Oslo, with their Norwegian edition of "Pippi Longstocking" already appearing in 1946. This marked the beginning of a long-standing relationship. Today, most of her books in Norway are published by Cappelen Damm, a publishing house formed through the merger of Cappelen and Damm. Astrid's book adaptations into films also became popular in Norway, as did her famous songs. One of Astrid Lindgren's favorite books was "Hunger" by the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun; she often mentioned it as one of her greatest reading experiences.