Världens bästa Karlsson (Swedish)

Världens bästa Karlsson (Swedish)

Author:Astrid Lindgren
Director:Olle Hellbom

"Life is good and unfair, Little Brother thinks. Mum and Dad have each other, Bosse has his electric guitar and Bettan has her new boyfriend Pelle. Only Little Brother has no one, and he can't even get a dog... Until the world's best Karlsson one day comes flying through Little Brother's window! A fairly fat man in his prime. He's also handsome and kind, at least he thinks so himself. Little Brother isn't always so confident. But you have fun with Karlsson! Karlsson is actually the world's best playmate. He lives on the roof of Little Brother's house and has a propeller on his back. He flies high above Stockholm's rooftops and sometimes Little Brother gets to come along. But a lot of mishaps also happen when Karlsson is on the move. Steam engines explode, sheets become cut and freshly baked buns inexplicably disappear.As early as 1966, producer Olle Nordemar had intended to make a TV series about Karlsson on the roof, but the Pippi films came in between and then it took until 1974 before work began again. The recording location for Karlsson's Roof was found at Centralbadet on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. A roof was needed that was large enough to be safe to stay on with the children and that a house would be built on it. In addition to Karlsson's house, a whole landscape of chimneys, skylights and TV aerials was built on the roof of Centralbadet.Mats Wikström, who played Karlsson, had the most troublesome outfit, with both a wig and a stuffed stomach. A large part of the time he also had to hang in a harness, so he received an extra salary supplement: five kroner for every scene he had to hang in it. Karlsson's voice was dubbed afterwards and the actor Jan Nygren is Karlsson's voice.Divided into four episodes, the film was shown on television in 1984. The title on television was Karlsson on the roof."

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