Skrållan, Ruskprick och Knorrhane (Swedish)

    Skrållan, Ruskprick och Knorrhane (Swedish)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Olle Hellbom

    It's summer at Saltkråkan again, a summer that turns out to be unusually exciting and eventful. Skrållan has turned four years old and is about to have a little brother. That's why uncle Melker has accompanied Malin to the hospital in town and Skrållan and Pelle are to stay with aunt Greta on Harskär until little brother is born. And if Skrållan and Pelle are going out, Tjorven, Stina and Boatsman have to go with them! But Aunt Greta has broken her leg and the children are borrowing Aunt Greta's boat to go back to Saltkråkan. The gas just ran out outside Kråskär and there the children can get ashore.The smugglers Knorrhane and Ruskprick have also taken refuge in Kråskär. Here they will hide their contraband cigarettes to come back and collect them later. Skrållan, Tjorven, Pelle, Stina and Boatman shipwrecked on a deserted island together with a couple of scary smugglers! Although the smugglers also think it's a bit scary, Boatsman in particular seems dangerous.Tage Danielsson and Hans Alfredson appear in the roles of Knorrhane and Ruskprick. The film's Kråkskär was the small fishing community of Källskär in the Gryts archipelago, a short distance from Valdemarsvik.The four Saltkråkan films were also divided into a TV series in 12 episodes in 1977: That's how it's done at the Saltkråkan.

    DVD Skrållan, Ruskprick och Knorrhane

    DVD Skrållan, Ruskprick och Knorrhane

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