Pippi außer Rand und Band (German)Pippi außer Rand und Band (German)

    Pippi außer Rand und Band (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Olle Hellbom

    "Tommy and Annika are tired of their mother's constant nagging and decide to run away from home. Since something like this is no fun without Pippi, they take Pippi with them!Pippi knows how to have fun adventures. She can ride a bike without tires, steer a car with her feet and is not afraid of anything. Neither floating down a waterfall in a barrel, nor defying a rampaging bull. And when Pippi is really on the move, she sometimes balances on a rope between two houses. Right over the street with half the town watching with bated breath."

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    “If you are very strong, you must also be very kind.”

    The narrator in "Do you know Pippi Longstocking?"
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