Michel muß mehr Männchen machen (German)Michel muß mehr Männchen machen (German)

    Michel muß mehr Männchen machen (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Olle Hellbom

    With his pranks, Emil (Jan Ohlsson) has turned all of Lönneberga against him. The residents are even raising money to send the boy to America. Maid Lina (Maud Hansson) doesn't think that's such a bad idea, but she also feels sorry for the Americans. They just had an earthquake. They don't need a plague like Emil. So the boy stays where he is - and that proves to be very lucky, because Emil's joy of discovery not only enriches the Svensson family with the horse Lukas, but also saves the life of farmhand Alfred (Björn Gustafson).

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