Mer om oss barn i Bullerbyn (Swedish)

Mer om oss barn i Bullerbyn (Swedish)

Author:Astrid Lindgren
Director:Lasse Hallström

The Noisy Village is a small, small village in Småland. There are three farms there. Lisa lives in Mellangården with her brothers Lasse and Bosse. In Norrgården live sisters Britta and Anna. And in Sörgården lives Olle. Yes, and then Kerstin too, Olle's little sister There aren't any more children in the Noisy Village, but it's enough...In the sequel to the first film, we get to follow the children as they celebrate Christmas and have a family party, when Lisa has a baby lamb, Olle has a loose tooth and Lisa and Anna plan to run away.All we children in the Noisy Village and More about us children in Bullerbyn were also shown as a television series in seven episodes in 1989."

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