Lotta zieht um (German)Lotta zieht um (German)

    Lotta zieht um (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Johanna Hald

    "Sometimes Lotta can get really, really angry. But never without someone teasing her first. Like mum, who absolutely wants Lotta to put on the knitted sweater, although Lotta would much rather put on the velvet dress. That's only for Sundays What a stupid idea! You can't live in a family that has such stupid rules, Lotta thinks and decides to move out. Aunt Berg's lumber room is a wonderful place to set up an apartment - there's a table and chairs , a bed and curtains. Although it gets a bit spooky at night when it gets dark with the strange noises. It doesn't help that the cuddly pig Teddy has moved with us... It's quite convenient that mom because of Lottas moving is so sad that dad has to ask her to come back home. Safely kept back at home, Lotta has so much to do she doesn't understand where she found the time to move and even less understand how the rest of the family managed without her. When she can do so much, actually almost everything. For example, who - besides Lotta - can organize a Christmas tree after dad couldn't get one because all the Christmas trees in town are sold out? And who - besides Lotta - manages to get the Easter Bunny candy after Vassilis closed his candy shop and went back to Greece? Because Lotta can really do everything - except maybe slalom. But that's something you can learn."


    “It’s funny, how many things I can do.”

    Lotta, in Lotta's Christmas Surprise
    Bok läsning

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