Karlsson auf dem Dach (German)Karlsson auf dem Dach (German)

    Karlsson auf dem Dach (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Olle Hellbom

    Karlsson on the roofDirector:Ole HellbomLife really isn't fair, Lillebror thinks. Mom and Dad have each other, Birger has his electric guitar and Betty has her new friend Pelle. Only Lillebror doesn't have anyone, he doesn't even get a dog... That's unfair, and boring to boot. Until one day the best Karlsson in the world comes flying into the room through Lillebror's window! A just really fat man in his prime. At least that's what he thinks. Lillebror isn't always so sure. But you have fun with Karlsson! It's lonely great to hatch pranks together and mix Kuckelimuck medicine to cure Karlsson's fever. Karlsson really is the best playmate in the world. He lives on the roof of Lillebror's house and has a propeller on his back that he uses to fly high above the rooftops of Stockholm. And sometimes he even takes Lillebror with him. To the amusement park, for example, to ride the carousel. But there are also a lot of mishaps when Karlsson really gets going. Steam engines explode, sheets are cut, and freshly baked yeast buns mysteriously disappear. Mom and Dad think Karlsson is just an invention of Lillebror because he wants to avoid taking the blame for all the strange things that happen. And Lillebror's friends Gunilla and Krister don't believe Karlsson exists either. They are all the more puzzled when they discover Karlsson in Lillebror's toy box. And thrilled when, together with Karlsson, they put the burglars Fille and Rulle to flight! But Mama, Papa, Birger and Betty are even more puzzled when Karlsson shows up at Lillebror's birthday party!"

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