Ferien auf Saltkrokan – Glückliche Heimkehr (German)Ferien auf Saltkrokan – Glückliche Heimkehr (German)

    Ferien auf Saltkrokan – Glückliche Heimkehr (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Olle Hellbom

    "And once again it's summer on Seacrow island, a summer that is proving to be unusually exciting and eventful. Skrollan is now four years old and is about to have a little brother. That's why Uncle Melker has to take Malin to the hospital. Skrollan and Pelle are supposed to see to live with Aunt Greta on a neighboring island when their little brother was born. Of course, Tjorven, Stina and Bootsman want to come with them! Apart from Aunt Greta, not a soul lives on the small island, and when the ship has dropped off the children, they find a note on the kitchen table "that Aunt Greta isn't home. She broke her leg and had to go to the hospital too. The phone doesn't work and the Seacrow island I only calls at the small island once a week unless you tell the captain in advance. So borrow it The children take Greta's boat to go back to the Seacrow island.They run out of gas on the way.And there are no oars on board.Fortunately,they stop and go ashore just off the small island of Kråkskär. Skrollan ties the boat so "well" that it soon drifts out to sea.The smugglers Rüpel and Gurnard have also docked at Kråkskär to hide their contraband cigarettes there. When Skrollan discovers her boat, she ties it up as well. Nobody will soon forget this adventure! Skrollan, Tjorven, Pelle, Stina and Bootsman - stranded on a deserted island with some dangerous criminals! But the smugglers are no less afraid of the children than those in front of them, especially Bootsman seems terribly dangerous to them...Tag Danielsson and Hans Alfredson star in the roles of bully and gurnard."

    Saltkråkan illustration Maria Nilsson Thore

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