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Astrid Lindgren and Reinhold Blomberg’s son, Lars Lindgren, was born on the 4th of December 1926 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lars or ‘Lasse’ spent his first three years in Brønshøj, outside Copenhagen, as the foster son of Mrs Marie Stevens.

In December 1929 Marie Stevens had had some problems with her heart and was no longer able to take care of Lasse. In January 1930 he arrived in Stockholm. After a few months together with Astrid in her rented room, and just over a year living with his grandparents on the farm Näs outside of Vimmerby, Lasse was finally reunited with his mother for good when she married Sture Lindgren, whose surname he also took.

 Lasse studied to become an engineer but later worked for the company ‘Tre Lindgren AB’ that managed the rights to Astrid Lindgren’s theatrical and film scripts. Lars Lindgren had three children, one from his first marriage to Inger Wingren (1930-2015) and two from his second marriage to Marianne Johansson.

 Lasse died on the 22nd July 1986 in Stockholm.