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Astrid Lindgren's stories transcend all the boundaries we humans have created among ourselves – across generations, across national borders, across gender, faith, politics, and class. Despite some of the books being more than 75 years old, they are read by more people than ever before. Like all great literature, they are interpreted differently in different times and by different people. Astrid Lindgren has said, “And so I write the way I myself would like the book to be – if I were a child. I write for the child within me.” Perhaps that is the secret behind the timeless nature of these stories? Today, they can be experienced as books, films, TV shows, through music, theatre, and apps.

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Books Astrid Lindgren is most known as an author of children's books. There are 34 original books and 41 picture books. Not all of them are translated into English.

Books by and about Astrid Lindgren
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Movies & TV

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been involved in adapting Astrid Lindgren’s books for the screen. Besides the author herself, the two who have influenced the results more than any others are the producer Olle Nordemar and the director Olle Hellbom.

A selection of Astrid Lindgren films and TV-series
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Astrid Lindgren’s plays are still being performed – in old and new dramatisations – the world over. Each year, approximately 200 theatres and drama groups stage productions of one or another of Astrid Lindgren’s plays. The most popular character of all is Pippi. Ronia comes a close second, although Emil is frequently played as well. The countries where Astrid Lindgren’s plays are performed the most are Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Finland.

How Astrid Lindgren became a dramatist
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”Every author who has been fortunate enough to find a congenial illustrator for their book would be forever grateful to that artist”, said Astrid Lindgren. Here we present four of the original illustrators of Astrid Lindgren's works.

The illustrators

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