Wir Kinder aus Bullerbü (German)Wir Kinder aus Bullerbü (German)

    Wir Kinder aus Bullerbü (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Lasse Hallström

    "The Noisy Village actually consists of only three houses: the north courtyard, the south courtyard and the middle courtyard. The siblings Britta and Inga, Ole and his little sister Kerstin, and Lisa with her brothers Lasse and Bosse live there. When they grow up, Lisa wants Ole get married, Britta Lasse and Inga Bosse, so that they can stay in Bullerbü for the rest of their lives. Lisa, Britta and Inga have decided that and that's how it should be, even if Lasse, Bosse and Ole aren't exactly enthusiastic about the girls' plan. But adult life is still far away and the The Noisy Village children are on summer vacation and there are plenty of wonderful adventures waiting for them on the seemingly endless free, lazy summer days that lie ahead still free... How lucky that this only happens once in the whole summer holidays!We children from The Noisy Village is a story about the idyllic life of childhood. The film - directed by Lasse Hallström - takes place around 1920 and was shot in the village of Sevedstorp where Astrid Lindgren's father grew up: in the middle of scenic Småland, where the hustle and bustle of the big city is far, far away."

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