Rasmus und der Vagabund (German)Rasmus und der Vagabund (German)

    Rasmus und der Vagabund (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Olle Hellbom

    "If you live in the orphanage and you're a boy with straight blond hair that no one wants, you might as well be dead, Rasmus thinks. But then he has a great idea. Why not just leave the children's home and the strict director Miss Habicht .He resolves to run off and go out into the world and look for someone who wants him.If there aren't any curly-haired girls around who would much rather be taken, then they must take you, thinks Rasmus.On the very first morning, Rasmus meets a tramp, Paradise Oscar, who has stayed in the same barn as him. Rasmus asks if they don't want to move on together - and so begins their winding and adventurous path together..."

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