Märchen 2 (German)Märchen 2 (German)

    Märchen 2 (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Daniel Bergman, Johanna Hald, Staffan Götestam

    "Three short films:GoldiGoldi's mother has been in the hospital for a long time. That's why Goldi lives with Aunt Esther and Aunt Gerda. Aunt Gerda's daughter Berit is the same age as Goldi, but otherwise the two girls are not at all alike. A wondrous story begins.Directed by Staffan GotestamGood night, Mr. trampThat's what the three siblings say to the tramp as they say goodbye. They promised their parents not to let tramps into the house, but suddenly the man appeared in the living room. The children are scared at first, but the tramp knows so many funny magic tricks that the children quickly lose their shyness.Directed by Daniel BergmanWho jumps the highestTwo boys are arguing about who is the better athlete and who can jump the highest. The competition ends in a tie - both boys end up in hospital with a leg in cast. There they both become friends and finally can't remember why they had to jump off the barn roof.Director: Johanna Hald"


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