Märchen 1 (German)Märchen 1 (German)

    Märchen 1 (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Director:Daniel Bergman, Göran Carmback, Magnus Nanne

    "Four short films:Polly helps the grandmotherPolly lived with her grandmother in a lovely little house. She wasn't quite seven years old yet, but she was already the smartest little girl imaginable. What Polly experienced when her grandmother was ill and had to stay in bed for a few days - just before Christmas of all days!Directed by Daniel BergmanSomething alive for lame Peter... that's what the two sisters Anastasia and Stummelchen want to do, because Peter has to spend most of the time alone in his room. Peter has often wished for a little cat for Christmas, but his mother has no money for presents. But the two girls come up with something special for Peter.Directed by Magnus NanneDearest sisterIn her daydreams, Barbro and her dream twin sister Ylva-Li experience everything that she is otherwise not allowed to do. She is jealous of her little brother because she thinks her parents love him more than her. But on her birthday her dearest wish is fulfilled: she gets a little poodle named “Ruff” as a gift.Directed by Goran CarmbackThere are no robbers in the forestWhat happened there? Suddenly little Peter finds himself in the dollhouse and has to defend it against robbers!Directed by Goran Carmback

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