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Film and television

There have been almost as many film adaptions made as books written by Astrid Lindgren, and some have even been filmed in multiple versions. Most of the films were made in the 1960s and 70s, and they are loved in many countries across the globe. The truth is that a lot of people found the books by first watching the films. 

Is it possible to buy the old films?

When it comes to Astrid Lindgren films in other languages it is not quite so easy. Outside the Nordic region the Belgian company Studio 100 owns the distribution rights to the Pippi and Emil films (as well as the animated Pippi and Karlsson on the Roof). However, SF sells the distribution rights for the remaining films in the catalogue to various distributors outside the Nordic region. 

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New Pippi Longstocking movie

STUDIOCANAL, Heyday Films and The Astrid Lindgren Company announced in October 2019 that they are in early development on a film adaptation of PIPPI LONGSTOCKING. This project reunites STUDIOCANAL and Heyday following their successful collaboration on PADDINGTON 1 & 2.

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