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Film poster Pippi på de sju haven

Pippi in the South Seas

Olle Hellbom

Pippi receives a message in a bottle from her dad. The message says that pirates in the town of Porto Piluse have imprisoned him, and they only feed him bread and water. Pippi, Tommy and Annika travel there to rescue him using, amongst other things, a hot air balloon with a bed attached in place of the basket, a home-made airplane, and a hijacked pirate ship.

The scenes from the pirate town were filmed in the Yugoslavian town of Budva, present day Montenegro. After that they shot the South Pacific scenes in Barbados. However, they built the pirates’ den at the Vaxholm Fortress - a historic fortification in the Stockholm archipelago! A large number of extras participated in the shoot, including the production team themselves. In the scenes filmed in Barbados the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who by coincidence just happened to be on the island, pops up playing a pirate.