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Emil in Lönneberga

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Emil in Lönneberga

Even if five-year-old Emil looks angelic, everybody knows he’s wild and stubborn, and gets up to more mischief than there are days in the year. He’s a clever and curious scatterbrain with an amazing gift for turning his God-fearing and respectable community, in the county of Småland, upside down.

Emil’s mischiefs are always hilarious and never mean. His wild ideas generally stem from his kind and caring personality. He can’t stand to see others suffer and will do anything to help… He has only good intentions, but acts of his own accord without due regard for social hierarchy or grown-up authority. He’s a streetwise farm-boy, and, unlike the people of Lönneberga, the reader is aware that one day he will make a success out of his life and shine in the role of Chairman of the local government. 

Sign that says "Mischief is good"

Emil in Lönneberga - 60 years of mischief!

Astrid Lindgren's favourite character celebrates 60 years in 2023. The stories about the boy who made so much mischief in Lönneberga, Småland, at the turn of the last century, are one of Astrid Lindgren's most beloved and also her own favourites.

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S’not something you plan, mischief, it just happens. And knowing it’s mischief, well you don’t until it’s happened.

Emil in Lönneberga

Books about Emil

Ida och Emil i snickerboa

The story behind Emil

“Do you know what Emil i Lönneberga once did?”, Astrid suddenly asked her three year-old grandchild who was screaming his head off. Karl Johan went quiet, because he was rather keen to know what Emil had done.

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