Wir Kinder aus Bullerbü - Alle Abenteuer in einem Band

    Wir Kinder aus Bullerbü - Alle Abenteuer in einem Band

    Type:Collection Volume
    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Katrin Engelking

    Who doesn't know the small Swedish village in the middle of southern Sweden? There are only three farms here: the Nordhof, the Mittelhof and the Südhof. The six children Lisa, Inga, Britta, Lasse, Bosse and Ole live in Bullerbü and are the best Friends - mostly at least. They play together all day long, dress up or celebrate Midsummer and bake cookies together for Christmas. Bullerbü stands like no other place in the world for a happy, carefree childhood. All the stories about the children from Bullerbü are published for the first time collected in one volume, illustrated in color and in a modern way by Katrin Engelking. With its beautiful design, this complete edition will bring great joy to fans of Astrid Lindgren and all those who want to become one. The anthology contains the three children's books:We children from BullerbüMore of us children from BullerbüAlways fun in BullerbüTranslator: Else von Hollander-Lossow, Karl Kurt Peters

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