Weihnachten mit Pippi, Madita und Pelle

    Weihnachten mit Pippi, Madita und Pelle

    Type:Collection Volume
    Author:Astrid Lindgren

    "What could be nicer than Christmas in Sweden? Christmas with your dearest Swedish friends! This warm-hearted Christmas anthology combines five of Astrid Lindgren's most beautiful stories in one book, specially prepared for first-time readers. The children from Bullerbü are of course also there like Madita and her sister Lisabet, Pelle, Johann with his little calf and of course Pippi Longstocking. Also included: numerous illustrations and an extra-large primer - for reading aloud, learning to read and reading together, as gifts and for Santa Claus, for families, grandparents and the santa clausTranslators: Senta Kapoun, Karl Kurt Peters, Silke von Hacht, Angelika Kutsch, Anna-Liese Kornitzky"


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