Weihnachten mit Astrid Lindgren

    Weihnachten mit Astrid Lindgren

    Author:Astrid Lindgren

    "Gingerbread, the smell of cinnamon and dancing around the Christmas tree! The big Christmas house book with the most beautiful stories by Astrid Lindgren.Pippi Longstocking has such a big heart that she gives all the other children presents for Christmas. Madita has to stay in bed with a cold while her little sister Lisabet gets lost in the snowy forest. The children from Bullerbü romp through the snow and dance around the tree, Michel from Lönneberga celebrates and the gnome Tomte Tummetott guards the house when everyone is sleeping.For decades, Astrid Lindgren's Christmas stories have been making children's waiting time more enjoyable and are compiled here in a high-quality anthology. With lots of color pictures and gold foil on the cover."


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