Tomten är vaken

    Tomten är vaken

    Type:Picture Book
    Author:Astrid Lindgren, Margareta Strömstedt
    Illustrator:Kitty Crowther
    Publisher:Rabén & Sjögren

    It's a magical winter night. Just the kind of night when people huddle in their little houses and don't let the fire go out in the hearth. The midwinter night is dark and cold, but Santa watches, looks into the stables and stables, and paws every night between the houses .This story was published in Germany with Harald Wiberg's illustrations in 1961, under the name Tomte Tummetott. The text was commissioned by the German book publisher who wanted to publish the picture book with prose text instead of Viktor Rydberg's poem that was in the original Swedish edition. Only in 2012 did the book come out in Swedish, with illustrations by Kitty Crowther, winner of the Alma prize in 2010.

    Book Santa’s awake (in Swedish)

    Book Santa’s awake (in Swedish)

    Astrid Lindgren

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