Steine auf dem Küchenbord

    Steine auf dem Küchenbord

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Marit Törnqvist

    "A gift book for a lasting memory of Astrid Lindgren. The finely furnished collection contains quotations from speeches, interviews, diary entries and from Astrid Lindgren's books. The world of the great storyteller comes to life in eleven thematically structured sections - her love for children, her plea for peace, tolerance and a non-violent upbringing, their humor and their thoughtfulness: "Perhaps it would be good if we all put a small stone on the kitchen shelf as a reminder for us and for the children: never violence!"" (from the speech for the presentation of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade).Translators: Cäcilie Heinig, Anna-Liese Kornitzky, Karl Kurt Peters, Else von Hollander-Lossow"

    Bok läsning

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