Ronja Räubertochter

    Ronja Räubertochter

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Ilon Wikland

    "”On the night Ronja was born, thunder rolled over the mountains, yes, it was a stormy night that even all the fiends who lived in Mattiswald crept into their caves and hiding places in terror. Only the wild Druden loved thunderstorms more than any other weather and flew howling and screeching around the robber castle on the Mattisberg.” Ronja's childhood life begins impressively and it becomes a fight for peace and justice, a fight that she fights together with Birk, the robber's son.Now the classic appears in a modern look with colorful illustrations by Katsuya Kondo.Translator: Anna-Liese Kornitzky"

    Ronja Rövardotter

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