Rasmus på luffen

    Rasmus på luffen

    Illustrator:Eric Palmquist
    Publisher:Rabén & Sjögren

    When you're an orphanage boy that nobody wants, then you might as well be dead, Rasmus believes. But then he gets an idea. You can run away from the orphanage, go out into the world and find someone who wants a Just as Rasmus had planned, it doesn't turn out. At least he meets Paradis-Oskar, who calls himself God's right cuckoo, and he too goes on a rampage.There are three books by Astrid Lindgren with a main character named Rasmus: Rasmus på luffen, Rasmus, Pontus and Toker and Kalle Blomkvist and Rasmus, but the stories are not about the same Rasmus, but they are three completely different characters. Here you can read more about this and much more.In 2022, an unillustrated new edition of the book came out with a cover by cartoonist Fabian Göranson. Previous editions are illustrated by Eric Palmquist. This edition includes "That's why children need books" as the closing words, the speech Astrid Lindgren gave at the reception of the HC Andersen medal that she received in 1958 for just Rasmus på luffen.

    Book Rasmus and the Vagabond (in Swedish)

    Book Rasmus and the Vagabond (in Swedish)

    Rasmus and the Vagabond

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