Pippi Långstrump

Pippi Långstrump

Author:Astrid Lindgren
Illustrator:Ingrid Vang Nyman
Publisher:Rabén & Sjögren

The very first book about Pippi Longstocking, the strongest and kindest and funniest and richest girl in the whole world. She lives all alone in Villa Villekulla with her horse and her monkey Herr Nilsson. She also has a whole duffel bag full of gold coins. In the house Tommy and Annika live next door, and since Pippi moved in, everything has become much more fun! Because Pippi bakes gingerbread cookies directly on the floor, she can lift her horse on a straight arm and she plays litter with the police when they come to take her to an orphanage.Pippi Longstocking revolutionized the nursery when the book was first published in 1945, and since then generations of children around the world have come to know and love her.Ingrid Vang Nyman made the now iconic covers and illustrations for the Pippi books.

Book Pippi Longstocking Yellow (in Swedish)

Book Pippi Longstocking Yellow (in Swedish)

Pippi Longstocking
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“If you are very strong, you must also be very kind.”

The narrator in "Do you know Pippi Longstocking?"
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