Pippi ausser Rand und Band

    Pippi ausser Rand und Band

    Type:Picture Book
    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Bo-Erik Gyberg

    "In connection with the filming of the last Pippi film, the stills photographer took many color photos of Pippi, Annika and Thomas' adventures as they escape for the day. A book about all the fun and exciting things that happen during the escape; like the Children discover an empty house to stay the night, how Pippi floats down the waterfall in a barrel, how they ride on a hay cart and how Pippi becomes a bullfighter and saves the little piss-Nisse from the big bull.Translator: Karl Kurt Peters"

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    “If you are very strong, you must also be very kind.”

    The narrator in "Do you know Pippi Longstocking?"
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