Michel und Klein-Ida aus Lönneberga

    Michel und Klein-Ida aus Lönneberga

    Type:Collection Volume
    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Björn Berg

    Three of the most beautiful Michel stories in one volume - with many colored pictures!Nobody does as much mischief as Michel from Lönneberga! His sister little Ida would like to be locked in the carpenter's shed because she was up to mischief. But that's not so easy when you're so nice and good. Michel usually only means well. For example, when he hangs up fly papers in the kitchen, or when he doesn't skimp on his kisses at the feast in Katthult.The anthology contains the stories "When little Ida wanted to do some nonsense", Michel's nonsense no. 325" and "Don't skimp, said Michel from Lönneberga".Translator: Anna-Liese Kornitzky

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