Michel aus Lönneberga - Alle Abenteuer in einem Band

Michel aus Lönneberga - Alle Abenteuer in einem Band

Type:Collection Volume
Author:Astrid Lindgren
Illustrator: Astrid Henn

It could be so quiet and peaceful in Lönneberga if it wasn't for Michel... For all those who actually don't know who Michel is (or have forgotten): Michel is five years old and lives with his mom, his Dad, his little sister Ida, the maid Lina and the farmhand Alfred on the Katthult farm in Sweden and does more mischief than the year has days, whether it's helping Lina with her toothache, inviting the old people from the poorhouse to Christmas feast or at doing business at the auction on Backhorva: Michel only has the very best of intentions – unfortunately, it always turns into mischief.Complete edition of all his pranks from Michel in the soup bowl, Michel needs to make more males and Michel sets the world in order.Translator: Karl Kurt Peters

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