Mein Småland

    Mein Småland

    Author:Astrid Lindgren, Margareta Strömstedt

    "The children from Bullerbü are picking cherries, Pippi Longstocking is playing Don't Touch the Ground" and Michel snuggles up in a woolen blanket in the carriage while the stars twinkle in the cold winter sky. Astrid Lindgren takes us on a journey into her childhood and shows the places where her world-famous children's book characters play, laugh and discover nature - like Astrid Lindgren herself when she was a little girl. A photo journey through the untouched nature and the picturesque villages of Småland. With many private photos from Astrid Lindgren's family album as well as numerous original illustrations from her children's books. Scents and tastes, sounds and images of my childhood are still with me. My Småland - isn't it a country to love? Astrid Lindgren"

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