Kati på Kaptensgatan (Swedish)

    Kati på Kaptensgatan (Swedish)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Margit Uppenberg (Gobi)
    Publisher:Albert Bonniers förlag

    "Kati lives on Kaptensgatan in a nice little den. She shares her life with Eva – happy, blonde, ready-to-fight Eva. Not just the exciting life as a stenographer in a law office, not just everyday life in the bachelorette den, but also a trip to Italy. "We must begin to learn Italian," said Eva, "the most necessary phrases—'it was dangerous your fiery eyes, Signor!' and things like that!"The second book about Kati has also been published under the title Kati in Italy.The books about Kati are no longer in print, but they can be read at the Literature Bank."

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