Jag har också levat! (Swedish)

    Jag har också levat! (Swedish)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren, Louise Hartung, Louise Hartung
    Publisher:Astrid Lindgren Text

    The exchange of letters between Astrid Lindgren and Louise Hartung from Berlin is a political and cultural conversation against the foundation of post-war Europe. Reading their letters is like sitting in a cafe in 1950s Europe and listening to two lively, knowledgeable and curious voices at the next table .The letters give an in-depth picture of the intellectual and political Astrid Lindgren, a side of the world-famous writer that is not so well known. At the same time, it gives an insight into the two women's deep friendship that persisted despite the geographical distance and despite Louise's unrequited crush on Astrid.The two friends exchanged more than 600 letters from 1953 until Louise's death in 1965. These are the years when Astrid Lindgren writes many of her most beloved stories, works as a publisher at Rabén & Sjögren and also attends numerous official appearances, book launches and film premieres . Between Astrid and Louise there is a constant conversation about everyday life, working life, dreams, the usefulness of literature, the art of friendship and not least the limits of love. As a reader, you are drawn into the world of the two friends and the exchange of letters turns into a novel where the two voices intertwine into a common story.It is Jens Andersen, the author of the critically acclaimed Astrid Lindgren biography Denna dagen, ett liv, who, together with Jette Glargaard, has edited and compiled the full selection of letters and written the foreword. Thomas Grundberg is responsible for the translation.The book is richly illustrated with photographs and facsimiles.Translator: Thomas GrundbergEditor: Jens Andersen, Jette Glargaard

    Book Astrid Lindgren I have lived too!

    Book Astrid Lindgren I have lived too!

    Astrid Lindgren

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