In the Land of Twilight

In the Land of Twilight

Type:Picture Book
Author:Astrid Lindgren
Illustrator:Marit Törnqvist
Publisher:Floris Books

I shall never forget the day Mr Lilyvale came to get me for the first time. There was a knock on the window. “My name’s Mr Lilyvale”, he said, “I’m just tiptoeing about on the window-sills to see if there are any children who might want to come along to the Land of Twilight. Perhaps you’d like to?” Of course I would!Mr Lilyvale ("Herr Liljonkvast") was a friendlier predecessor to Karlsson on the Roof. Astrid Lindgren’s daughter Karin thought up the name. The story from the Nils Karlsson-Pyssling collection is published here as a picture book with illustrations by Marit Törnqvist.Translator: Polly Lawson

Bok läsning

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