Ich habe auch gelebt! (German)

Ich habe auch gelebt! (German)

Author:Astrid Lindgren, Louise Hartung, Louise Hartung
Publisher:Ullstein Buchverlage

"Sometimes I wonder why I live, why people live at all. But I'm only telling you that - I don't walk around with my head down for anyone to see. If you know why people live, then write and tell me .«In 1953, Astrid Lindgren was at the beginning of an unprecedented world career. On a visit to Berlin, she met the German Louise Hartung about a year after Lindgren had very suddenly lost her husband. The encounter resulted in a very special friendship. Like few others, Hartung understood the "little melancholy" that overcame Lindgren on some days. For eleven years, the two extraordinary women shared joy and sadness and supported each other in over 600 letters that read like a novel. In the letters from the friends, which show the world author Astrid Lindgren from a completely new perspective, a very personal picture of life in Germany and Sweden emerges in a time of reconstruction and social upheaval. Touching, clever, sad and funny at the same time: the portrait of a close friendship that transcends all borders.Edited and with a foreword by Jens Andersen and Jette Glargaard and with an afterword by Antje Rávic Strubel.Translators: Angelika Kutsch, Ursel Allenstein, Brigitte Jakobeit Editors: Jens Andersen, Jette Glargaard"

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