Ferien auf Saltkrokan (German)

    Ferien auf Saltkrokan (German)

    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Ilon Wikland

    On a summer morning in Stockholm, go down to the quay at Strandväg and see if there is a small white archipelago steamer called Saltkrokan I. If it is, then it's the right steamer and you just have to get on board. Period At ten o'clock he will ring the bell for departure, and cast astern from the pier, for now it is out on his usual voyage, which ends at the islands far out, where the sea begins, There is Saltkrokan, the island which the steamer his And there, on a June day, a father and his four children, the Melcherson family, docked...Translator: Thyra Dohrenburg

    Ferien auf Saltkrokan - German

    Ferien auf Saltkrokan - German

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      Saltkråkan illustration Maria Nilsson Thore

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