Ett litet djur åt Pelle (Swedish)

    Ett litet djur åt Pelle (Swedish)

    Type:Picture Book
    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Maria Nilsson Thore
    Publisher:Rabén & Sjögren

    "It's probably unfair that Tjorven has an animal of her own, she has Boatsman! Pelle also wants an animal to take care of! So when there are rabbits to buy on the island of Lillasken, then Pelle becomes completely himself. Tjorven and Pelle can borrow an oak tree and row over to the island. And of course there are rabbits, long rows of rabbit cages! Pelle is happy and chooses a spotted, cuddly rabbit, his own Jocke!The rabbit expedition will be a complete adventure! Because when they row back, they end up in the middle of a thunderstorm! The bull loses its oars and the children drift ashore on another small island. Seeking shelter from the rain, they find Teddy and Freddy's secret cabin. Hooray, now they can stay dry, but they are still in distress at sea, Then the Boatswain rescues them from their predicament!An exciting and fun picture book full of archipelago atmosphere! Maria Nilsson Thore has created all the lovely pictures. The text by Astrid Lindgren is taken from ""Vi på Saltkråkan"" (1964).Review:""This is absolutely fantastic. I didn't think it was possible. I couldn't believe that Tjorven could look different, that Boatsman could be a little more painful, that everything could be completely different and yet so completely perfect, whimsically friendly twisted into something contemporary. At the same time, there is a maintained text loyalty - without life jackets on children in a rowing boat and a typewriter just like the author's own handwritten script, although not with shorthand handwriting. Maria Nilsson Thore has done something ingenious and she has worked for a long, long time with details and the whole. From the smallest anthill and mouth gap, to sea and sky in rebellion, appear with life and expressive clarity in skilfully used watercolor. Astrid Lindgren's text is lively, respectful and confidently marked by the author's unique ability for oral narration in writing, but Nilsson Thore's pictures give the text even greater depth, complexity and drama. Maria Nilsson Thore seems to be the given artist to pass Astrid Lindgren's texts on to new generations after Ingrid Vang Nyman, Ilon Wikland and Marit Törnqvist. The picture book A Little Animal for Pelle deserves to be everywhere and read over and over again by everyone of all ages. It gives new life to the text and to the person who reads and enjoys the pictures. Think this was possible! This year's winner of the August prize? Overall rating: 5.""– Jan Hansson, BTJ (Library service)"

    Picture book Sea Crow Island A pet for Pelle

    Picture book Sea Crow Island A pet for Pelle

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      Saltkråkan illustration Maria Nilsson Thore

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