Ein Kaninchen für Pelle (German)

    Ein Kaninchen für Pelle (German)

    Type:Picture Book
    Author:Astrid Lindgren
    Illustrator:Maria Nilsson Thore

    A summer full of freedom, courage and adventure. Pelle thinks there's nowhere as beautiful as the island of Saltkrokan during the summer holidays. But how unfair it is that his girlfriend Tjorven has a dog and he doesn't have a single small animal. But then Pelle hears that rabbits are being sold on the neighboring island. And Pelle has papa's milk money in his pocket!

    Ferien auf Saltkrokan - German

    Ferien auf Saltkrokan - German

    Seacrow Island

    23.95 EUR
      Saltkråkan illustration Maria Nilsson Thore

      All about Seacrow Island

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